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This issue is all about: Guerrilla in the City

About Guerrilla >>

About Guerrilla

Guerrilla brings vitality to the city. An area, building or neighbourhood temporarily gets a different look & feel. Guerrilla creates momentum and connects people in a new way >>

Guerrilla Territory >>

Guerrilla Territory

Yesterday there was nothing. Today there is a shop and tomorrow there will be an office. What happens to empty spaces, or spaces that are under long-term construction? The city is our playground >>

Guerrilla Lifestyle >>

Guerrilla Lifestyle

Temporary shops attract people. What is it that triggers visitors? And how do true city guerrilleros live? Two of them share their stories >>

Guerrilla Marketing >>

Urban Guerrilla Marketing

The city is a stage for marketing stunts of large brands, but it also promotes itself. Urban guerrilla marketing versus guerrilla city marketing. Impressive examples from Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York >>

Future of Guerrilla >>

The Future of Guerrilla

Does Guerrilla have to be temporary? Or can we turn it into a permanent feature? In short, which elements of Guerrilla can be used again? And what does the future look like? >>

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