725,000 liter of non-alcoholic drinks are sold by Versorgungs- posten

200,000 apples and 70,000 nectarines are consumed, 20,000 tables are set

60 kilometers
of highway are closed for 31 hours

The organiza- tion consists of 11,700 helpers (policemen, fire-fighters and thousands of volunteers)

Guerrilla on the German highway

How to unite residents and put your local area on the map at the same time? The Ruhr district has the answer to that question. On 18 July 2009, the busy highway between Duisburg and Dortmund turned into an endless banquet. This guerrilla-event exceeded all expectations - more than 3 million people joined the picnic.

World's longest picnic table

On 18 July, Duisburg, Mülheim, Essen, Oberhausen, Dortmund formed the longest party in the world. What's more, it was situated on the highway! You could have your private table at which you picnic with your friends, meet your family, celebrate your birthday or even attend a friend's wedding: Still-Leben A40 attracted 3 million visitors. Many Ruhries even postponed their holidays for a day.

Internationally in the spotlights

As part of Ruhr 2010, Kulturhauptstadt, the busiest Autobahn in the Ruhr area was closed for one day to hold a highway lunch. Ruhr 2010's pr-manager Hella Sinnhuber: “For one day, we turned the lifeline of this area into a party site for all residing cultures. Apart from a deep sense of solidarity, the participants and organizers have gained new networks and the event has put the entire region on the map.


Media in over forty countries reported on the event in thousands of newspaper articles and on television. There was even a film crew from China present. With 4.8 million visitors by the end of June, tourism had already increased significantly. So yes, this has been a huge success for all of us”. According to Sinnhuber, the total budget was 2 million Euros but costs have been reduced due to company-funded sponsoring and the enormous dedication of volunteers. Read more on Still-Leben A40.