Temporality excites and surprises
Founder of Salon1 Gijs Stork comments that “there is more to shopping than just browsing hangers. Consumers are often being kept intentionally stupid by the large department stores. It's all about designer brands and 'store within a store' concepts, but I want to do the opposite. People should be informed, challenged and stimulated. Fashion is art! Creativity must be the centre of attention and accessible without turning into mass production”. For the Salon1 concept, Stork chooses temporary shops on 20 different locations in Amsterdam. In these shops, clients and visitors can try on the outfits and meet the designers in person. Salon1 was founded during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Stork also hosts temporary events in his own home to promote fashion, photography, art and floral art. “It is temporality that excites and surprises the audience”, concludes Stork.

A lucrative 'shop-for-a-week'
Florists Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer didn't want to start a shop. “We travelled so much for our jobs, a fixed location was simply inconvenient. Often people would ask us whether we owned a shop somewhere; that's when we decided to create 'shop-for-a-week'. In 2008, at the very beginning, much to our surprise we managed break even and indeed the temporary shop rendered various new contacts and wonderful reactions.

We are now the talk of the town and even famous people drop by. You can find us in the autumn during the gift season and in the spring, when everyone just can't wait to go outside. The location influences and reinforces the themes; it also attracts different audiences. It is our job to create an atmosphere and decorate the location with flowers and plants in no time. People have to get excited”.

Fashion Guerrilla gallery
In 2008, Koos Faber and his girlfriend Amanda Pinatih started boutique Nuzyn; in a squat. In 2010 they were invited by the media agency Suikerdepôt to share their location at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Part of this location has turned into an exclusive showroom where young artists and fashion and media-related events get a chance to shine.

Faber: “I wish to build up a clientele and hopefully a year and a half from now grow acknowledged to set up the boutique on a permanent spot. We sell timeless fashion by independent designers and focus on high quality, private order service and products that can tell a story. Nuzyn is really a fashion gallery”.

Concept store
The range of goods in SPRMRKT is just as diverse as in a regular supermarket, says owner Nelleke Strijkens. “But SPRMRKT has a special set up and is not targeting the mass. We started off by selling vintage and unique furniture with its own identity. After that we went on to offer second hand clothing and suddenly we were identified as a 'concept' shop. We do everything that we enjoy.

By now there are artists displaying their works, there are gigs and we sometimes even rent out the place for parties. Still, the spot will first and foremost remain a shop that offers changing collections continually. This way it remains exciting”.

Pop-up shop for apps lovers
De Applounge was only open during the London Design Festival from mid September until early October 2010. The innovative lifestyle showroom invited people for coffee and cocktails and of course, to check out the latest mobile phones, e-books and apps. Applounge also organized 'Apphealth' workshops and an intensely inspiring 'Apptasting' event.

Method's Alexander Gründsteidl is the brain behind this creative concept. He created the best-of-both-worlds Applounge by combining the in-store experience with the online shopping feel. Creating an informal environment, he managed to provide the visitors with catering, liaison and education.

The secret of Norma Luise
This little venue in Milan's most expensive high street has the appearance of a stylish design shop, which is exactly the aim of this Italian fashion house. Nobody has ever met the mysterious stylist Norma Luisa, but her creations are sold in exclusive boutiques all over the world. There is no shop behind these windows. The fashion house leaves it to the passers-by to find the actual location of the shop elsewhere in the city.

Magical Spazio Temporale
Those who stroll the streets of Milan and pass 59 Corso Garibaldi street will find themselves staring into the window of a brand new shop nearly every month. 'Spazio Temporale' means temporary space and it is permanently devoted to people who want to organize a creative scene in the shopping world and who are into shop-sharing. While last month on this very spot a Japanese art shop was displaying the works of young Japanese designers (there were even painting activities outside the shop) only a couple of days later a complete metamorphosis made way for fashion and perfume by Givenchy.

The temporary location attracts heaps of people.

If the Gucci fits...
Have you always wondered what you would look like in those expensive Gucci shoes? Well, last summer in Shinjuku, a chique boutique offered passers-by a chance to try on these shoes. In front of the boutique the shoe-lover could stand on a platform. Cameras in the windows and other necessary software, allowed the projector to display a life-like image of the customer wearing the shoes. Now, that's a magnificent example of interactive promotion.

Cultural hotspot
On the Meent, a shopping street in Rotterdam, an old government building has been transformed into a platform for young artists. The government building will be demolished next year. In order to be able to make good use of the period between demolition and redevelopment, a 'cultural supermarket' has been set up that will operate until March 2011. 'ROT(T)ERDAM' is the place for art, fashion, performances, film screenings, lectures and parties. You can even get lunch there.

The cultural supermarket relies for the most part on volunteers, and every few weeks it presents new design and art collections from a constantly changing selection of international designers and artists.

Bluetooth window
How do you make unused buildings interactive ... in a playful way? The well-known mail-order retailer OTTO is working together with retail experts Hypsos and Telecoi to make empty shops and office buildings into temporary advertising spaces.

This is known as 'shopvertising'. This winter, 50 locations will have interactive windows installed for an eight-week period. The businesses include Syntrus Achmea, Dela Vastgoed, Staalbankiers and AM Real Estate Development. Passers-by will automatically receive OTTO discount vouchers, delivered to their mobile telephones via Bluetooth. The vouchers can be redeemed against purchases on otto.nl.

Interested in visiting one of the windows? Go to the Alexandrium shopping centre on the Poolsterplein in Rotterdam.

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