“We give pop-up stores a quality seal”

Dr. Massimo Costa, Director of Assotemporary, the association for temporary shops has written a book about this communication phenomenon.

It is not a coincidence that Milan is the city of temporary shops. The many fashion and design trade fairs held in this city have lead to a growing demand for temporary retail space. That is why Massimo Costa founded Assotemporary in 2008. It is the first association for temporary shops in the world. “Thanks to our services, a retailer or a company can have a pop-up shop up and running within a day. What's more, we distinguish between the real pop-up stores and outlet stores by giving a certificate of authenticity. This seal of quality (a sticker) guarantees a set of values that the pop-up-store will stick to. Outlets are usually ugly and the focus is on sales. Temporary shops, on the other hand, are more about image and marketing communication.”

Facts & Figures

Italy is leading when it comes to guerrilla stores. The pop-up-shop phenomenon has become a rather 'permanent' feature in the streetscape. Paoli Comini began a service agency for guerrilla stores in Milan. Massimo Costa is the Director of the world's first association for temporary shops. Member of this association receive a seal of quality for their shop.

- There are usually about 40 temporary stores in Milan
- The average floor space is 100m2
- Temporary shops are open for a week up to a month (including preparations)
- The maximum lifetime of a temporary shop is 6 months
- It takes 1 to 2 days to remove the pop-up shop
- Temporary stores are mostly used to introduce new products, to let consumers experience the brand and for promotions.

Even though there is no specific data available, Milan probably has the largest number of temporary stores in Europe.

Sources: SideCar Eventi and Assotemporary

“A pop-up store is a performance on street level”

Paoli Comini, Director of the service agency for temporary shops believes in pop-up-stores.

His company Sidecar Eventi has an entire team available for creating formats, designing the interior, the administration and staffing of the temporary shops. “Temporary retail locations are a flexible tool and they are good for business. However, you must communicate effectively about your new pop-up shop prior to the opening. An excellent location, an attractive shop window and entertaining staff are also very important. You are giving a performance on street level and consumers are becoming part of the brand.”