Inflatable bazaar
During the Istanbul Design Week, Lambert Kamps presented a tent for hosting presentations outdoors. The tent consists of separated airbags that can be fixed together to create two domes. “I wanted an object that I could easily use when presenting my work in the open air, while not needing to depend on a gallery, museum or any other manager of space”.

Camping downtown
A company in Antwerp called Import Export Architecture created a convenient little vertical camping site that you can put up all over town. It's a low-budget, original and transportable solution for travelers who wish to visit a city and like to spend the night in the heart of the city, but also like to avoid costly hotels.

Guerrilla luxury of a hotel tent
If you're not very fond of camping, but you still want to be mobile, this luxurious tent suite might be right up your street. The British Travelodge experiments with transportable hotel rooms. One hotel tent has a double bed, lighting and even its own bathroom. Guerrilla luxury!

The Sofa Suitcase: a home away from home
“The 'Suited Case' is inspired by the long waits during travel,” says Erik de Nijs. “People often sit on their suitcases while waiting, so I created a living room sofa, consisting of a suitcase set. These parts can be assembled in any situation to form a sofa. This way you'll always be surrounded by something that reminds you of home”.

Work wherever you like
Spatial designer Tim Vinke designed the Kruikantoor (the wheelbarrow office): a mobile office on wheels produced entirely out of EPS-foam. The unit consists of two chairs, a desk, lighting, electricity outlets and storage room.

Have a cozy pop-up picnic
Would you like to meet new people all throughout the Randstad (urban area in Western Holland) ? Iki Picknicks organizes spontaneous picnics in the parks of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Fancy a bite? Follow the organizers on Twitter and clear your schedule for a care-free sandwich while the grass tickles your feet.