'Guerrilla is a break from the routine'

Guest column by Rick Schifferstein a product experience expert and associate professor in the field of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology

“Guerrilla is not pretentious. But it does aim to bring beauty to negative places. The difficulty is that it is fleeting; it is over just like that. It challenges the Dutch culture of planning everything, though only for those who have the time and mind for it. Not too long ago I was at Paris-Nord station, when all of a sudden I heard a deep-voiced a capella male choir coming from a large installation. I was deeply moved. It was a break from routine. That is also what guerrilla does in the city: break patterns, offer a fresh view on things. Guerrilla is a preliminary stage in the design. You are trying out new things, and a crucial factor in that process is flexibility: things have to be able to change. Guerrilla makes you look at an area from a new perspective. My favourite guerrilla stunt is The Carproject by Jan-Geert Munneke. He transformed an old Ford Sierra into a mobile park. The vehicle drives through the neighbourhood Katendrecht in Rotterdam, and the residents are using the car as a meeting place. The Delft University of Technology uses this project to investigate how the neighbourhood could be improved.”