The streets are yours

From urban beach to theatre on location, from construction site to pop-up cinema: summer is Guerrilla's favourite season. Indoor and outdoor areas blend together and intensify encounters and experiences. The street from a different perspective.

The artist duo Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann designed the mobile hotel Everland.

Lang: “This design is an art project, our subjective dream of a hotel. It has been in Paris, Leipzig and Yverdon and includes one room with lounge, a king-sized bed, a bathroom, and a spectacular view. You can book the room for one night, including minibar, breakfast, and record collection. The travelling hotel does not have a new destination yet. We needed a break. But we will probably be open for business again next year. The date and location are a secret for now. Keep an eye on our site.”
She just wanted to bring the design process to the people. Sacha de Lannoye: “Because we live in Amsterdam we got the idea to go all the way, exhibitionist style. And so we started Design Hookers last year: a temporary design agency, open for one month, where people can drop by for a conceptual quickie or an extensive creative private session. We 'prostituted' ourselves in a room at the red-light district, allowing passers-by to observe the design process and have their own designs made. This resulted in fun interactions and refreshing encounters between designers and visitors.”
A group of designers and architects descended upon Clerkenwell (London) between August and September 2010 to transform an unused petrol station into a pop-up cinema.

The team came across vintage curtains and wooden chairs which they used to bring back to life the cinema experience of a bygone era. Every week, four cult films or classics were shown, complete with retro experience, alcohol, and popcorn in paper cones. All this for just 5 pounds! Has this temporary cinema influenced the ambitious plan to renovate 4,000 London petrol stations? You bet!
Milan makes a big splash every year with the Vogue Fashion Night.

The entire city-centre gets roped off. Over 600 shops open their doors and offer beautiful, thematically decorated window displays. Visitors are served free Prosecco, DJs perform, and the place buzzes with celebrities. It is even so busy that in some shopping streets the crowds are literally stuck.

Remarkably, all stores join in the fun. But it is the spectacle that matters above all, and of course seeing and being seen in your finest and most expensive outfit.
From 24 June to 10 July 2010, the roof of the Hofbogen building in Rotterdam belonged to Conny Janssen's' dancers. With their Common Ground performance, the artists offered the public a series of coincidental encounters and a panoramic view of the skyline of the city on the Maas.

Janssen: “I want to put dance into a different context, by taking the performance out of the theatre. We danced Common Ground on the roof of a building next to Hofplein Railway Station. Thankfully the weather was fine, and we got a lot of enthusiastic feedback. It really does put everything in a different perspective.”
Originally from New York, Parking Day has now been adopted by many cities around the world.

During this event, urban car parks are temporarily transformed into pedestrian-friendly leisure spots. There are picnics, there is entertainment, and many opportunities to relax.

The aim is to temporarily free people from crammed, smelly car parks, and to stimulate discussion about the value of public space in the city and the way we use that space.

Experimenting with a travelling hotel

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Vogue Fashion Night: seeing and being seen

Dancing on the city's rooftops

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